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SpecialtyRx Infusion Clinics

We at SpecialtyRx infusion Clinics are proud to deliver quality care and are committed to giving each patient seamless treatment to improve their quality of life. SpecialtyRx Infusion Clinics is your premier provider of complex illness care.

Our highly trained nursing team is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of care.

Patient Benefits

  • Flexible weekend/evening appointments
  • Collaborative care with your clinic doctors and nurses
  • Knowledgeable nursing staff on your medications and illness
  • Trained nurses to provide you the highest level of care should you experience a medication reaction
  • On-call physician for every infusion
  • Onsite laboratory collection services
  • Knowledgeable nursing staff on your medications and illness
  • Convenient location and parking
  • Comfortable reclining chairs
  • Courtesy iPads and free Wi-Fi

Unique Clinic Features

  • All infusions are made in our pharmacy’s sterile room ensuring you are not exposed to any contaminants
  • Pharmacists are available for consultation