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Specialty Rx Infusion Clinics provides specialized treatments and integrated support services to Canadians living with chronic illnesses.

Clinic Services:

  • Daytime, evening and weekend appointments to provide infusions on your schedule
  • Courtesy iPads loaded with tv shows, movies and magazines
  • Free unlimited Wi-Fi access
  • Snacks and beverages provided
  • Convenient central location, free parking
  • Comfortable, oversized reclining chairs
  • Friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff
  • Direct contact with nurses and pharmacists, no case managers
  • Laboratory testing on-site
  • Appointment reminders via phone or email depending on your preferences

Patients have the right to choose which infusion clinic they attend.   Please feel free to contact Specialty Rx Infusion Clinic for more information on switching to our clinic.


Getting there

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Specialty Rx Infusion Clinic

2204 2nd Street SW, suite 215

Calgary, AB T2S 3C2

P: 403-367-1771

F: 403-367-1772


Before your appointment


When confirming your infusion appointment with our nursing staff, please make sure you advise us if you are feeling unwell, if you have had a fever, been in the hospital, or are currently taking any antibiotics.

What to wear:

For infusions, we recommend patients wear loose-fitting sleeves so that our nurses are able to easily start your IV.  We also recommend that patients wear layers to ensure they are comfortable during infusions.


Please ensure you are drinking plenty of fluids on the day prior to and the day of your appointment.  Being hydrated will help our nursing staff insert your IV with ease.


During your appointment


Our clinic has iPads loaded with tv shows, movies and magazines for your enjoyment while receiving your infusion.  You are also more than welcome to bring your own device and utilize our unlimited Wi-Fi.


Most patients feel fine after their infusions; however, you might be required to stay a while afterwards for monitoring.  For your first infusion, we recommend that you plan to have a ride home in case you are feeling unwell or tired.