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Mantoux TB Tests

SRx Pharmacists and Nurses are able to provide TB testing at our Pharmacy located in Montgomery or our Infusion Clinic located in Mission.

What is a TB test?

TB tests are completed to identify exposure to tuberculosis (TB).

Why would I need to get a TB test?

You may be required to have a TB test if you are starting a new job or educational program, or if you will be starting a medication that will affect your immune system, such as a biologic.  

What will happen at my appointment?

You will meet with one of our prescribing pharmacists to assess why you require a TB test and if appropriate a prescription will be provided. Next, a pharmacist or nurse will administer the TB test, which is a small bleb of fluid placed under the first layer of skin on your forearm.  You will be required to return in 48-72 hours to have the test site reviewed by one of our pharmacists or nurses. You will be provided with a record that you can bring to your employer, educational program, or physician’s office with your result. We are also happy to fill out any forms required by your employer or school with your TB test result.

We are able to provide two-step TB tests if this is required by your educational program. This has become the standard for most Medical and Nursing programs.

What is the cost of a TB test?

Cost: $55 per test

To schedule a TB test, or to speak with one of our pharmacists about TB testing please phone us at 403-286-0013. You may also email us at stating you are interested in a TB test along with the best phone number to reach you and your preferred time to be contacted.